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About This System

We actually serve these web pages from a system at home. The bandwidth needed is actually rather low and I have a 1 Gig up and down service through Allo. The fiber that Allo provides is also setup as a static IP address. I don’t think they allow that for residential service any more but I am grandfathered in. This connection goes to the box Allo provided and reconfigured for me. This feeds an ASUS access point for blocking ports that I don’t need open and forwarding the ports I do want to the proper machine. All the traffic coming in for web pages and email are funneled to a machine named This is the machine in the photo, a Raspberry Pi 4 with 2 gig of ram and a 1T SSD for all of the working space. There is an SD card in the system, but that is only used at boot time. It just doesn't take that much horsepower to make it all work.

Zjunk also provides web services for,,, and Certificates for all of these are served by Lets Encrypt. It is the expected Apache2 web software with the free version of Wordpress.

Zjunk is also responsible for running the email system for all of these sites. For those that have done something like this before, it uses the normal Postfix and Dovecot processes. For a live machine on the internet, the amount of spam is staggering. I use a program called Spamassassin to knock out a huge amount of it.