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I have always been into the technology of many different fields. Electronics, computers, bioinformatics, cryptography, photography and just about anything with blinking lights. I managed to complete a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree in 1980. Started directly in on a Masters in Electrical Engineering. That got slowed down a bit when I started working for Lester Electrical in the fall of 1980. I told myself that I would be there for 5 years. I did finish my masters after 9 years in 1989. Still working for Lester’s I continued on with work on a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. That took me another 12 years and I managed to finish that by the fall of 2001. Still at Lester’s after 20 years. I had worked my way up in the company as high as I was going to go and it was no longer as much fun as it used to be. Late in 2005 after 25 years at Lesters I asked and got offered a position as a Professor of Practice at the University of Nebraska to start in the spring of 2006. I get to play here and after 15 years have no intention of leaving anytime soon. I was originally hired to teach the capstone classes, but later morphed into a few other things. I also help out other professors with building things. I now also teach a freshman class where we build robots without having very many rules. Here we do 3D printing and Arduino programming.

Also in 2006 I along with 3 other professors started a company called Nebraska R and D. I have over the years done many different projects that have even taken me as far as Hong Kong. Some of these projects for the company have had spinoffs that are in the list of projects on my page. Nebraska R and D