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About my workspace

I spend a huge amount of time on computers, I created a space that works for me.

The obvious thing in the photo is the computer monitor. It is a LG 49WL95C curved monitor on a full motion mount bolted to the back wall so there isn't a stand taking up a large part of the desk. The computer is a 2018 15" MacBook Pro maxed out with 32 gig of RAM, 2.9Ghz 6-Core processor, and a 1T SSD. It is connected to the CalDigit TS3 plus dock that also provides power to keep the system charged. There is a Yeti Nano microphone and a pair of nice speakers that you can just make out on each side. Also hard to see is the webcam mounted above the monitor. Not impressed with that, will replace it soon.

I designed the desk and had it made. Maple to match other woodwork in the rest of the condo. The desk is bolted to the wall and is about 6" above the floor. That makes it easy to slide out the carpet. From the concept that you can never have enough work space, cutting boards on each side pull out to wrap you in desk.

The lighting system I also designed. It is a string of almost 200 NeoPixels run by a touch screen mounted on the door of the lower center cabinet. I can control everything about the lights. I can just illuminate the right or left sides, control brightness, even the color temperature. This is driven by a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with a 7" touchscreen. The two fans located above the screen run really slow and make no noise. One fan blows air in and the other out.

Also located in the lower center cabinet is the knowledge-junkies web server. It serves a few other sites and also runs a full email system. More on that from my main menu.

There is also a bitcoin miner located in there running about 40 GHashes/second. It is running in what they call lottery mode. Odds are not good about hitting anything, ever.

In the upper center cabinet is NAS storage system, a QNAP 453 with 4x4T drives in a raid-5 mode for just under 12T of storage. That is main backup for my photography. There are a couple of network switches in there, one is a POE type to power and run the webcam. Again there are two slow fans to keep the space cool.

The two side cabinets open up. They are on phnumatic cylinders that makes them open really easy and stay up.

In the right cabinet is a 3D printer, a cheap one. It is a Monoprice Select Mini V2. I did a few mods to that and it does work well even though it has a limited print bed. It is sitting on a shelf with soft close slides for access.

On the back of the right door is another strip of rather bright LEDs. No control other than on/off, but it does light up the print bed and provides additional light.

Behind the left door there is a color laser printer and some storage space.